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Don’t Sacrifice Performance.


QOIL Lubricants is a value-adding manufacturer and provider of lubrication solutions. We combine our expert sales team with an all-inclusive product line to provide you with customized solutions and superior service for your automotive, commercial fleet, heavy construction equipment, agriculture tractor and associated equipment.

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QOIL Products

Premium Products made with the highest quality Group III Yubase base oil and high performance additive , manufactured by QOIL Lubricants

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QALCO Products

QALCO, the only state-of-the-art lubricants blending plant in QATAR

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Frequently asked questions.

Where did Qoil come from?2021-08-02T12:05:31+00:00

Under the umbrella of a leading lubricant brand, Qoil has set a tremendous benchmark among its competitors. In the past few years, Qoil has gained a significant market share in the oil market.

What types of lubricants does Qoil have?2021-08-29T17:34:34+00:00

Qoil supplies and manufactures all types lubricants including mineral oil, semi synthetic and fully synthetic (100% yubase base oil) for passenger car, motorcycle, industrial sector, construction sector, agriculture sector, and commercial transports.

Where can I find Qoil lubricants?2021-08-02T12:07:21+00:00

Qoil is confident to set up its retail network and distribution network in different territories of the country. A team consists of well-trained and professionals who control its operations from drilling to the final goods.

Engine performance

Sourced from the most tested blends to ensure performance

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Engine Versatility

Engineered to perfection our lubes can adapt to different environments  your engine runs in

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Reasonable price

We design the lubes with customers in our mind with affordability, long drain interval ,fuel efficient and less engine ware & tare as our key focuses

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We’ve seen the future. It’s Qoil.

Your Engine’s Life Partner

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